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UPDATE 10th January 2018

Happy New Year !!!!

Well another year has passed in the Land Rover Club and I certainly am looking forward to this years events. 2017 was a year of mixed fortunes. One main event cancelled out the losses at many of the other events so whilst we have kept an even keel over the year, 2018 needs to improve before those losses mount up and jeopardise events in the future. Harsh reality maybe but we need to support these events and competitions so we can continue as the LRLRC. We will have some and have had long standing committee members standing down who have provided decades of service to the club so we need new blood and new ideas to keep the club alive and maybe rejuvinate and flourish.  After all, if it wasnt for those members, we wouldnt have a club at all..... so lets not disappoint them and show our appreciation for all their (free!) time and commitment by making 2018 the year LRLRC came to life. After all, I dont want to see them grumpy any more at the meetings lol.

So.... we have a whole year of events planned.... Rempstone is back on (a favourite of mine) and a greenlaning weekend in Yorkshire as well as the usual TYRO, RTVT and CCVT competitions (slash eating, a few beers and generally taking the micky time if caravanning is involved .... all good). Club nights on the first Wednesday of the month and the Christmas dinner and awards ceremony at the end of the year. How good is that! I will be at every caravan event there is.... great excuse for a weekend away with friends. We could do with some new ones! (Tents and campervans most welcome :-) So there we are.

I would like to try an experiment if I may. If you are reading this then just open a new window and go into your email..... type in warrenlrlrc@gmail.com and say 'Hello' . Thats it. If you want to say more then please do so. Feedback at any stage is always appreciated but just 'Hello' if you like. I am interested in just how many 'Hellos' I get.... its just a few seconds.... its taken me 15 minutes just to publish this lol.

OK thats it.... have a great New Year and I hope to see some of you soon. Please do not hesitate to offer any ideas you may have to make the club better for you or everyone. 


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