Types of Event


All standard, unmodified, road legal Land Rover vehicles are suitable, from a 1948 80" to a brand new Range Rover Velar and everything in between.  All vehicles are subject to a scrutineering safety check.

The routes are designed to avoid any damage to vehicles and are intended to be the best place to start for novices - including unlicensed drivers over 14 years old.

All drivers must hold a Club Card.  If the driver holds a driving licence they can carry front seat passengers 12 years of age over and rear seat passengers over 2 years of age.

If the driver is unlicensed they must be accompanied by a licensed front seat passenger and may not carry any rear seat passengers.


The Cross Country Vehicle trial is much more demanding than either the TYRO or the RTV trials.  Vehicles competing in a CCV trial must have an ALRC Vehicle Logbook and a roll cage - there is a chance you'll need it!

While some Cross Country Vehicles are road going it's unlikely to be your daily driver.

As with the RTV trial, drivers must be 17 or over and hold a driving licence and Club Card.  Front seat passengers must be 14 or over and no rear seat passengers are allowed (if you have rear seats at all).


These are trials for Road Taxed Vehicles - road legal, standard or modified within regulation limits.  If your vehicle is old enough to not need seatbelts on the road you will need to have at least lap belts fitted.  You will also need good recovery tow points front and rear but won't need underbody protection.

If you want to win you'll quickly want all terrain or mud terrain tyres.

RTV sections are more difficult than TYRO ones and more care will be needed to pick the right driving line for your vehicle - both to get through the section and to avoid ground contact due to breakover or departure angles.

Many members happily use their daily driver for these events and drivers must be 17 or over and hold a driving licence as well as a Club Card. Front seat passengers must be 14 or over and no rear seat passengers are allowed.

Timed Trials

Timed Trials are intended for Cross Country Vehicles an driver's who are ready to introduce a speed element.

In addition to the safety equipment necessary for a CCV Trial you will need competition seats with full harness belts, a "kill switch" and a helmet that meets the current Motorsport UK specification.

All passengers must be 16 or over and be fitted with a helmet meeting the current Motorsport UK specification.

Other Types of Event

You'll see other disciplines at neighbouring clubs, the ALRC National and other inter-club events. Examples include Team Recovery and Competitive Safari but that's for another day.

We hope to see you at one of our events soon!


Supplementary Regulations

Every event is subject to something called "Supplementary Regulations.

These detail when and where a given event is to be held, who the designated officials will be, what the event entry cost will be and how and when scrutineering will be carried out.

The Supplementary Regulations differ for each event type and, sometimes, between different events of the same type. For this reason we store each SR document for every event we run here.

ALRC Regulations

The full list of rules and regulations for competitive events is held within the ALRC Handbook.

A copy of the current ALRC Handbook is issued by the Club to all members at the time of joining or renewing.

More details on the Handbook are available on the ALRC website, along with online access to certain sections of it.

Please click here to go to the ALRC website.