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It’s that time of year again and one can reflect on past events. Been a busy year and quite a successful one too. We have had two sponsors, promotional event, introduced Timed Trials and got more members for quite a long time. Marvellous. Now……


You may or may not have heard that Motorsport UK, basically the body who lets us compete in trials with all the relevant insurances etc, have asked to get members to register for an RS Clubman Licence if they want to compete or passenger in an event (TYRO, RTVT, CCVT or Gymkhana). This is to ensure that they are properly covered in the event of any mishap or accident. They have got an online application at Motorsportuk.org then Membership Tab and it literally takes less than five minutes. No intrusive personal questions just basic stuff so they know who you are.


However, if you are PC Phobic and really do not like online stuff then don’t despair…. We can sign you up on the day using good old-fashioned pen and paper! Ideally, it will be quicker the other way but hey, either way you will still be able to compete or passenger. To make things EVEN easier (is that correct grammar??) at both December and January Club Nights Warren will be there with my laptop to sign you up if you are unsure what to do. So, there you are. Get your RS Clubman licence at home, at event or at Club Night. The choice is yours. Simples. You can’t compete without one, so we make it easy.

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Stainby CCVT 17/11/2019

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