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If you're already a Club Member you will need to register for the website separately in order to access the Member's Area.  The process for this has changed significantly from the old website.  There's no longer a single password that is handed out to access the Member's Area as there was before.

When you try to access the Member's Area you will be prompted to log in. If you've already registered select the relevant log in method depending on how you signed up. If you haven't already registered you will be able to sign up from this page. To do this click the blue "Sign Up" text just below where it says "Log In". There are three ways to register for the website but you only need to choose one.

The first is to sign up using an email address and password of your choice. This way you can specify which email address you wish to use for our website and you will be able to choose a specific password to use for our website. 

The second and third ways to register are using your Google or Facebook accounts. By choosing either of these options you will give the website permission to use your Google or Facebook log in information to log you in to our website.  Don't worry though, we don't have any access to any of your Google or Facebook information.  It's just a nice, simple way to register for the website using credentials you've already set up and remembered.

Whichever method of registering you choose you won't gain immediate access to the Member's Area. Your registration request will be sent to our Webmaster who check our membership list and approve only those who are fully paid up members.  You will be sent an email once this has been done to let you know that you can now log in to the website.

If you're not yet a Club Member continue reading below to learn about our membership, choose which membership is best for you and, hopefully, download our Membership Form to become a Member!

Types of Membership

We offer three different types of membership to ensure you get the best value from being a member of The Leicestershire & Rutland Land Rover Club.

They each grant a different level of participation in the Club depending on what you would like to do.  Memberships run from 1st January until 31st December and the cost for Full and Family Memberships are reduced by a set amount if you were to join after 30th June.

Full Membership

Full Membership entitles the holder to participate in all Club activities.  They may drive in competitive events, attend all social events and attend and vote in the AGM.

The Full Membership costs £25.00 and joining after 30th June costs £3.00 per month for the remainder of the year.

Membership Form

In order to become a member please download, print and complete our Membership Form.

Once completed this can either be handed in to our Membership Secretary at our monthly Club Night or by post using the details at the bottom of the form.

Upon joining the Club members will be issued with the following:

  • Club Card

  • Club Handbook

  • ALRC Handbook

Your Club Card will display your name, signature and Member number.  This must be retained and presented when signing on to a driving event - competitive or otherwise.

The Club Handbook contains our Club-specific rules, regulations and guidelines where as the ALRC Handbook details the rules and regulations governing all ALRC Clubs and their events.

Social Membership

Social Members may attend all social events, drive in non-competitive events and attend and vote in the AGM.

Social Members are not able to drive in competitive events.

The cost for a Social Membership is a fixed £15.00 for a full or part year.

Family Membership

Membership Form

Our Family Membership comprises of two Full Memberships for adults living in at the same address and Social Memberships for their children between the ages of 12 and 17, should they have any.  Any children over the age of 17 will need to apply for their own membership - whether Full or Social.

A Family Membership costs £30.00 for a full year or £3.50 per month after 30th June.

A single parent Family Membership is £25.00 for a full year.