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Trials 2024

For pictures of past events visit:

Here are the events planned for 2024. One day events are shown as 24 and weekend events are shown as camping. There are 4 main trials we stage.


A non competitive and non damaging trial for all vehicles in the Land Rover Range Rover Marque. Usually laid out in a mostly flat field, drivers can get to grips with how their vehicle handles in a non competitive format using the various courses available. Experienced drivers may also be on hand to improve your techniques and skills throughout the day.


Reserved for those who want a more off-road experience in a competitive format, an RT is a 10 section course laid out to test the skills of those in vehicles more suited to off-roading (eg Defenders, Discoverys etc) It is non-damaging but can involve steeper inclines, mud and water! A trophy for the best overall performance is awarded at the end of the year.


This is for specialist built vehicles that takes trialling to the next level. A competetive event involving 10 extreme sections testing the best of everyone. It's loud, exciting and a great spectacle to watch as well as compete in. You wouldnt believe some of the holes, hills and inclines these vehicles can handle.

Timed Trials

Recently introduced to the LRLRC calender, TT's use the same vehicles as a CCVT event. Run over 3 sections with each one being driven 3 times, its all down to how fast you can complete each run you make. After all 9 runs are completed, your times are added together and the driver with the quickest overall time wins! Its quick fire very exciting and very competetive.

Upcoming Trials

7th July 2024

Uppingham 1


A day event - RTVT on Sunday.

9th - 11th August 2024

Lowesby Grange

TYRO/Treasure Hunt(Sat) - CCV(Sun)

A weekend event with camping from Friday evening. TYRO and Treasure Hunt are on Saturday and CCV is on Sunday.

1st September 2024

Uppingham 2


A one day event on Sunday. 

18th - 20th October

Eaton Lodge

TYRO(Sat) - RTV(Sun)

A weekend event with camping from Friday evening. TYRO on Saturday and RTVT on Sunday.

10th November 2024

Uppingham 2


A one day event on Sunday. See SITES on TRIALS tab for directions.

10th-12th May 2024


CCV (Sat) & RTV (Sun)

A weekend event with camping from Friday evening. CCV is on Saturday and RTV on Sunday.


3rd March 2024

Eaton Lodge


A day event for a CCVT

29th March - 1st April 2024


Interclub - LRLRC, P&D and Lincs


A weekend event with camping from Friday and lots of events.

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